Peacemakers - Legend of the Gun

Peacemakers - Season 1, Episode 5 (USA only)
Original Airdate: September 10, 2003
Director: Larry Carroll
Actors: Tom Berenger, Colby Johansson, Amy Carlson, Peter O'Meara, Bellamy Young, Bob Gunton, Barbara Tyson, Jim Shield, Greg Cipes
Guests: James Remar, Elizabeth Rice, Susanna Harter, Nathaniel DeVeaux
Runtime: 43 min.

Cole Hawkins is a legendary gunfighter and old friend of Stone. He comes to Silver City to retire, but ends up helping Stone track down a gang of stagecoach hijackers.

Trivia: James Remar (Cole Hawkins) stars as Harry Morgan in the TV show Dexter. He also played Jonah Prowse in the TV show Jericho.