The Young Riders - Home of the Brave

The Young Riders - Season 1, Episode 3 (USA only)
Original Airdate: September 28, 1989
Director: Dan Lerner
Actors: Stephen Baldwin, Josh Brolin, Ty Miller, Melissa Leo, Brett Cullen, Yvonne Suhor, Gregg Rainwater
Guests: Don Collier
Runtime: 48 min.

Buck is torn by conflicting loyalties when Kiowas begin to attack white settlers. Some of the Riders get in a fight with Tompkins, the local storekeeper when he begins to insult Buck.

Trivia: Don Collier (Tompkins) had a lead role in the 1960s TV western The High Chaparral, acted in four John Wayne films (Fort Apache, El Dorado ...) and he had countless parts in other TV westerns including the made for TV Gunsmoke and Bonanza movies.