The Adventures of Jim Bowie

The Adventures of Jim Bowie - The Select Females

Season 1, Episode 12
Original Airdate: Nov 23, 1956

Director: Lewis R. Foster
Cast: Scott Forbes
Guests: Joyce Vanderveen, Eleanor Audley, Claire Du Brey, Peter Camlin
Runtime: 26 min.

Miss Peabody, headmistress of Miss Peabody's Select Female Academy, asks Jim for assistance in tracking down a student who has run away to elope.

Trivia: Actress Eleanor Audley is better known for her voiceover work. She is most recognizable as the voice of Maleficent in the Disney animated classic Sleeping Beauty as well as Lady Tremaine (aka The Evil Stepmother) in Cinderella. Joyce Vanderveen (Angelique Moreau) was a stage actress and ballerina in Holland during World War 2. Anne Frank kept a picture of the dancer on the wall of her hiding place.