The Deputy

The Deputy - The Return of Widow Brown

Season 2, Episode 30
Original Airdate: Apr 22, 1961

Director: Otto Lang
Guests: Henry Fonda, Allen Case, Read Morgan, Anne Seymour, John Doucette
Runtime: 26 min.

Sheriff Clay Hollister (Henry Fonda) is surprised to see Mrs. Brown (Anne Seymour) back in town after he had sent her to prison for a series of robberies. Mrs. Brown insists that she is innocent and that she was framed by her son-in-law. Despite his initial doubts, Hollister agrees to help her clear her name and find evidence to prove her innocence.

Trivia: Henry Fonda won the Best Actor Academy Award for On Golden Pond (1982), hes the father of actors Jane Fonda and Peter Fonda and the grandfather of actress Brigitte Fonda.