Classic Westerns

Mahjong and the West (2013)

Director: Joseph Muszynski
Actors: Jannette Bloom, Alyssa Carpenter, Tom Guiry, Louanne Stephens
Runtime: 96 min.

A ranch, rodeo and buried childhood memories come together in this story of a young woman who returns to Wyoming for her mother's funeral.

Trivia: The screenplay for this movie was written by Jannette Bloom (Maddy) and Alyssa Carpenter (Kate). They shared a Best Screenplay award from the Green Bay Film Festival (2015). Jannette Bloom is a cousin of actor Orlando Bloom (The Lord of the Rings, Carnival Row). Tom Guiry (Stuart) appeared as Yurek in Black Hawk Down (2001). Louanne Stephens (Shirley) went on to play Ruby in the A&E western TV series Longmire (2012-2017).