Spaghetti Westerns
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Four Rode Out (1970)

Director: John Peyser
Actors: Pernell Roberts, Sue Lyon, Julian Mateos, Leslie Nielsen
Runtime: 96 min.

A lawman (Pernell Roberts) rides out into the desert in pursuit of a bank robber. Along the way he gets joined by a Pinkerton agent (Leslie Nielsen) and the bank robber's girlfriend, who wants to make sure her boyfriend doesn't get executed as soon as he's caught.

Trivia: Pernell Roberts starred as Adam Cartwright in Bonanza one of the longest running Western TV series of all-time. Sue Lyon (Myra Polsen) starred in the Stanley Kubrick film Lolita as well as the John Huston movie Night of the Iguana. She was the face of the music video Sunshine Superman by the rock star Donovan, whom she was dating at the time. Leslie Nielsen (Mr. Brown) is best known for his roles in comedies like Airplane and the Naked Gun movies. Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Janis Ian is the guitarist in the opening sequence of this movie.