26 Men

26 Men - Trade Me Deadly

Season 1, Episode 14
Original Airdate: Jan 14, 1957

Director: Oliver Drake
Cast: Tristram Coffin, Kelo Henderson
Guests: Robert Blake, Harry Lauter, Gertrude Graner, Howard Negley
Runtime: 26 min.

When one of her sons is sentenced to death by hanging, Ma Hackett kidnaps the daughter of the local army post commander, telling him to release her son or she will hang his daughter too. But the army hangs the outlaw anyway and Rynning and Travis rush to help free the girl before the gang learns that the execution has been carried out.

Trivia: Robert Blake (Tobe) starred in the hit 1970s TV series Baretta. In the early 1900s a real-life Ma Barker lived in Arizona and had four outlaw sons. When she was killed in 1937 after a shoot-out with the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover called her "the most vicious, dangerous and resourceful criminal brain of the last decade".