Wagon Train

Wagon Train - The Dr. Denker Story

Season 5, Episode 18
Original Airdate: Jan 31, 1962

Director: Frank Arrigo
Cast: John McIntire, Robert Fuller, Frank McGrath
Guests: Terry Wilson, Theodore Bikel, Michael Burns, George Keymas, Kathleen O'Malley, Peter Mamakos
Runtime: 47 min.

The wagon train comes upon a terrified young boy (Michael Burns) who has just seen his father murdered by a bandit gang. Bill and Flint take him under their wing and try to help him recover, but embittered Civil War vet Ed Beaufort (George Keymas) tells the boy that taking vengeance on the men who killed his father is the best way to recover. Soon a traveling musician, Dr. Denker (Theodore Bikel), joins the wagon train and he and Billy hit it off, but it soon becomes evident that Billy and the doctor had a connection prior to their joining the wagon train.