Classic Westerns

Massacre at Grand Canyon (1964)

Director: Sergio Corbucci
Actors: James Mitchum, Milla Sannoner, Burn Nelson, Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Eduardo Ciannelli
Runtime: 89 min.

Cowboy Wes Evans (James Mitchum) finds himself in the middle of a land war when he returns home after going out in search of his father's murderer.

Trivia: Sergio Corbucci (credited here as Stanley Corbett) went on to become one of the greatest directors of Spaghetti Westerns (Django, etc). This was his second Western movie. Co-Director Albert Band was the producer and co-screenwriter for Gunfight at Red Sands, one of the first Spaghetti Westerns. James Mitchum is the son of actor Robert Mitchum (The Winds of War).