Classic Westerns

Jory (1973)

Director: Jorge Fons
Actors: John Marley, B.J. Thomas, Robby Benson, Anne Lockhart
Runtime: 97 min.

Young Jory Walden (Robby Benson) joins a cattle drive after his father is killed in a bar fight. He's a quick learner whose natural ability with guns shows itself when he sees his would be gunslinger friend Jocko get shot. It's left to the cool-headed cowboy Roy (John Marley) to teach the troubled youth about life and how to solve his problems peacefully.

Trivia: B.J. Thomas (Jocko) is a five-time Grammy Award winning singer (e.g. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head). Robby Benson was the voice of the Beast in Beauty and the Beast (1991).