Classic Westerns

The Hanged Man (1974)

Director: Michael Caffey
Actors: Steve Forrest, Cameron Mitchell, Sharon Acker, Dean Jagger, Will Geer, Ray Teal
Runtime: 74 min.

When gunfighter James Devlin (Steve Forrest) is hanged for a murder he didn't commit, he mysteriously comes back to life. A doctor has already declared him dead, so he is set free. Not knowing what to do with his new found lease on life, Devlin decides to atone for his sins by fighting on the side of good. He soon finds himself defending a young widow from a mining tycoon who wants to seize her land.

Trivia: This movie was an unsuccessful TV series pilot. Leading actor Steve Forrest is brother to actor Dana Andrews, he later starred in the 1970's TV show Swat. Dean Jagger (Josiah Lowe) won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for the movie Twelve O'Clock High. Cameron Mitchell (Lew Halleck) starred as Buck Cannon in the 1960s TV western, The High Chaparral. Ray Teal (Judge Homer Bayne) played Sheriff Coffee in Bonanza.