Classic Westerns

The Naked Hills (1956)

Director: Josef Shaftel
Actors: David Wayne, Keenan Wynn, James Barton, Marcia Henderson, Jim Backus, Denver Pyle
Runtime: 72 min.

A farmer from Indiana arrives in California in 1849 during the Gold Rush. He returns home six years later, after a series of misadventures, and marries his sweetheart Julie. No longer able to live the life of a farmer, he heads off to prospect for gold again. Ten more years pass and he returns home yet again to Julie and his son and this time their welcome is not so warm.

Trivia: David Wayne (Tracy Powell) appeared in four movies with Marilyn Monroe, more than any other actor. He and Keenan Wynn (Sam Wilkins) both later played Willard "Digger" Barnes, Pamela Barnes Ewing's father in different seasons of the hit 1970s TV show Dallas. Jim Backus (Willis Haver) played millionaire Thurston Howell III on the hit 1970s TV show Gilligan's Island. Denver Pyle is best known for playing Uncle Jesse on the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard.