The Young Riders - 10 Cent Hero

The Young Riders - Season 1, Episode 7 (USA only)
Original Airdate: November 2, 1989
Director: Kevin Hooks
Actors: Stephen Baldwin, Josh Brolin, Ty Miller, Melissa Leo, Brett Cullen, Yvonne Suhor, Gregg Rainwater
Guests: M. C. Gainey, Billy Jacoby, Gerrit Graham
Runtime: 48 min.

Hickock gets in a fight with a dime novelist, so the novelist avenges himself by creating the legend of Wild Bill Hickock, the fastest gun in the West, in order to encourage other gunfighters to challenge him.

Trivia: M.C. Gainey (Gabe Colter) starred as Tom Friendly in 18 episodes of the TV series Lost. Gerrit Graham (J.D. Marcus) starred in the TV series Now and Again and The Critic.