Cowboy G-Men

Cowboy G-Men - Hang the Jury

Season 1, Episode 18
Original Airdate: Jan 17, 1953

Director: Reg Browne
Guests: Morris Ankrum, Tristram Coffin, Rick Vallin, Helen Chapman, X Brands
Runtime: 25 min.

Pat and Stoney go undercover to assist the state authorities in their investigation of a controversial Oklahoma judge who is known for his harsh sentencing, including a number of death penalties. When their plan backfires, they find themselves in a race against time to bring a killer to justice.

Trivia: Tristram Coffin (Tom Hendren) starred as the Captain of the Arizona Rangers in the western TV series 26 Men. Morris Ankrum (Judge Dixon) was a real life attorney and economics professor before becoming an actor. He was also a frequent guest star in the legal TV drama Perry Mason.