The Big Valley

The Big Valley - Under a Dark Star

Season 1, Episode 20
Original Airdate: Feb 09, 1966

Director: Michael Ritchie
Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Richard Long, Peter Breck, Lee Majors, Linda Evans, Charles Briles, Napoleon Whiting
Guests: Albert Salmi, Bruce Dern, Richard O'Brien, Charles Francisco
Runtime: 51 min.

Jarrod helps out a man who was recently released from prison after being pardoned for a crime he didn't commit. But a mans's life is endangered when events lead to him face a return prison.

Trivia: Bruce Dern plays Frank Harlow in the TV show Big Love and also has a role in Tarrantino's Django Unchained. Albert Salmi played Yadkin in the first season of the Daniel Boone TV series.