John Wayne Westerns

McLintock! (1962)

Director: Andrew McLagen
Actors: John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Patrick Wayne, Yvonne de Carlo, Stefanie Powers, Chill Wills, Edgar Buchanan
Runtime: 126 min.

Cattle baron George Washington McLintock battles his headstrong wife (Maureen O'Hara), a ranch hand (Patrick Wayne) who wants to marry his daughter (Stefanie Powers) and evil-doers in this upbeat comedy Western with a memorable ending.

Trivia: Patrick Wayne played the suitor of McLintock's daughter, when he was in fact John Wayne's real son. He turned down the lead role in Superman (1978) because his father was sick with cancer. Stefanie Powers appeared in over 200 TV shows including a starring role in Hart to Hart. Rumor has it that the legendary John Ford directed McLintock! for a week when Andrew McLagen was out sick.