Shotgun Slade

Shotgun Slade - Sudden Death

Season 1, Episode 31
Original Airdate: May 20, 1960

Director: Will Jason
Cast: Scott Brady
Guests: Jeanne Cooper, Robert Bray, Victor Sen Yung
Runtime: 26 min.

After the axe murder of an employee in a crooked casino, Slade shows up to answer an anonymous call for help.

Trivia: Robert Bray starred as Simon Kane in the TV show Stagecoach West, he also played Corey Stuart in the Lassie TV series. Jeanne Cooper (Sally) won a Best Leading Actress Emmy award for her role as Katherine Chancellor in the TV soap opera The Young and the Restless; she has appeared in over 800 episodes of the show. Victor Sen Yung is best known for his role as Hop Sing in Bonanza.