Trouble in Texas (1937)

Director: Robert N. Bradbury
Actors: Tex Ritter, Rita Hayworth, Earl Dwire, Yakima Canutt, Horace Murphy
Runtime: 61 min.

A champion rider (Tex Ritter) in search of his brother's killers enters a rodeo in which all the top competition is being poisoned. He avoids poisoning with the help of his friends Carmen (Rita Hayworth) and Lucky and goes on to ride in the competition. Meanwhile the bad guys, headed by Barker, rob the local bank with unfortunate consequences.

Trivia: Rita Hayworth went on to become one of the biggest movie stars of the 1940s. It would have been difficult to be more famous than she was during that time; she was nicknamed The Love Goddess and is on AFI's list of the 100 Greatest Stars of All Time.