When the West Was Young (1932)

Director: Henry Hathaway
Actors: Randolph Scott, Sally Blane, J. Farrell MacDonald, David Landau
Runtime: 56 min.

An outlaw hides a large herd of stolen cattle in a secluded valley. But a rancher who owns the land that gives the outlaw access to the outside world refuses to let him psss through.

Trivia: Randolph Scott (Jack Hare) had his first leading role in this movie. It was filmed on location in Red Rock Canyon State Park, California. Sally Blane (Judy) is the sister of actress Loretta Young, she was a successful actress in her own right, acting in over 100 movies. This was also the directorial debut of Henry Hathaway, who later directed True Grit (1969), which starred John Wayne in his only Oscar winning role. When the West Was Young is also known as Heritage of the Desert, the name of the Zane Grey novel on which it's based.

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