Aces & Eights (1936)

Director: Sam Newfield
Actors: Tim McCoy, Luana Walters, Rex Lease, Joseph W. Gerard, Wheeler Oakman
Runtime: 62 min.

Gentlemen gambler Tom Madigan (Tim McCoy) helps rancher Don Hernandez (Joseph W. Gerard) and his daughter (Luana Walters) save their ranch from a pair of gamblers and swindlers.

Trivia: The John Ford movies Stagecoach and The Man who Shot Liberty Valance both used the poker hand "Aces and Eights" to foreshadow the death of the man who held the cards. Actor Tim McCoy was the son of an Irish Civil War veteran who served in the Union Army. McCoy was an expert in native American sign language, a sharpshooter, and he was renowned as the fastest draw in Hollywood. He was also a decorated WWI and WWII veteran and at 28years old, he was reputed to be the youngest Brigadier General in the history of the US Army.