Tales of Wells Fargo

Tales of Wells Fargo - Sam Bass

Season 1, Episode 10
Original Airdate: Jun 10, 1957

Director: Lewis R. Foster
Cast: Dale Robertson
Guests: Chuck Connors, Michael Landon, Ray Teal, Howard Negley
Runtime: 26 min.

Outlaw Sam Bass (Chuck Connors) and his gang strike from a hideout in Texas, robbing stagecoaches at will. The Texas Rangers haven't been able to find them, so Wells Fargo sends Jim Hardie in to help. He comes up with a plan to trick the outlaws into revealing their hideout.

Trivia: Screenwriter Steve Fisher was nominated for a Best Screenplay Oscar for the movie Destination Tokyo (1943). Michael Landon and Ray Teal starred together in the Western TV series Bonanza.