Tales of Wells Fargo

Tales of Wells Fargo - Belle Starr

Season 2, Episode 1
Original Airdate: Sep 09, 1957

Director: Earl Bellamy
Cast: Dale Robertson
Guests: Jeanne Cooper, George Keymas, Edmund Hashim
Runtime: 26 min.

Hardie is riding a train that is robbed by the notorious Belle Starr and her gang of outlaws. After they get away, he comes up with a plan to lure her out of hiding by challenging her to a horse race. Once he finally catches and disarms her, she still has her woman's wiles and he has his work cut out for him in order to bring her to justice.

Trivia: Filmed at Columbia State Historic Park in California. The screenwriter for this episode, Frank Gruber, was the creator of the Shotgun Slade TV show.